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I am dedicated to providing you with best quality of medical marijuana strains. For over 8 years i have been helping

people buy the very best marijuana strains from internationally Acclaimed world’s best Bud Bank Our strains are grown indoor and outdoor. Dm me or +1(661)486-1394 WhatsApp or text or call

Here is our menu.


Sour diesel

Green crack

Jack herer

Durban poison

Strawberry cough

Super silver haze


Blue dream

Girl Scout cookies

Og kush

White widow

Ak 47

Gorilla glue #4

Chemdawg og


Grand daddy purp

Bubba kush

Northern lights

Purple kush

Blue cheese master Kush

    • One of the three major types of cannabis plants are Sativas and indicas , Sativa gives a uplifting and energetic high. This is better used for day time smoking as it is great for having new ideas and being creative. Great for uplifting thoughts, increased focus/creativity, and helps fight depression.


      • The Hybrid strains are a combination of sativa and indica plants. There are thousands of strains in this category, but what makes them the best is the fact that consumers can get qualities from the two plants to provide the best experience ever.


      • Indicas tend to give a physical type of high felt more in the body. It is great for relaxation and unwinding which is why it is mostly smoked st night. Unlike Sativa, indica has a lot more medical purposes usually. It’s great for treating anxiety, body pain and sleeping disorders.

      • Indicas

        Our prices

        • I sell an ounce for $230

        • 2 ounces $400

        • 1/4 pound $600

        • 1/2 pound $1000

        • 1 pound $1500

        • For moon Rocks and Gelato45

        • I sell an oz for $250

        • 2 ozs $420

        • 1/4 pound $650

        • 1/2 pound $1000

        • 1 pound $1400

        Feel free to Text or call +1(661) 486-1394 for more information on how to place an order or

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